Passing the Baton

What happens when a new church goes through its first pastoral transition?  What happens when a long tenured pastor leaves?  This workshop offers successful transition strategies for any pastoral change.

A Pre-Day Workshop for DS's and Developers addresses:

  • Understanding the "Change Over Zone" and how to manage it
  • Key essentials for long tenured pastoral changes
  • The role of the DS, the exiting pastor, the arriving pastor, and the church for a smooth transition 
  • The 6 essential characteristics for a pastor following a founding pastor
  • The 5 realities cabinets face in a first pastoral transition 

A 1 1/2 day workshop follows for DS's, Developers, and Incoming Pastors includes the following topics:

  • The 4 questions that cause a 2nd pastor anxiety and how to answer them
  • Pre-appointment protocol
  • Getting a running start
  • How to celebrate the past while building a future
  • How to learn the culture of the church and expand its vision
  • Strategic Preaching for first three months