Coaching Philosophy

Jim started planting churches in 1978, and at that time, there were very few people to talk with about it. In fact, every new project, (five in total) left him wondering,

“Am I doing this right? Is there anyone else who has done this? Isn't there someone I could talk to? What if I mess up?”

And each time, he found his voice bouncing off a wall. He felt, well quite honestly, alone...UNTIL 1991, when he attended a church planter's Boot Camp.

In the opening session, he wept as the presenter talked about the need to come alongside church planters; to give them counsel and strategies and an outside voice that could be trusted. Over the next few days, many emotions boiled to the surface: elation, sorrow, excitement, resolve, information, and finally, a plan; and, equally important, someone to talk to. This quote from Bob Logan, the “godfather” of church coaching, says it best:

"I longed to have someone come alongside me as a Barnabas…someone who would listen to my dreams and visions…encourage and cheer me on…someone who would ask probing and powerful questions to sharpen my thinking…help me turn obstacles into opportunities…believe in me when it seemed like nobody else did…care about my family relationships…pray for me strategically and personally."

In 1996, Jim decided to make Bob's words his own and began to coach ministry leaders. And, we are proud to say, this ethic is shared by all of our Associates. They too have traveled a similar path of ministry achievement, yet often alone. In fact, that's one trait we look for in any good coach — someone who is able to say, “I have been in your shoes…made lots of mistakes, but ultimately succeeded. Now let's do it together!" Griffith Coaching coaches will walk with you to achieve your dreams for ministry…by asking good questions, helping you think through strategic options, guiding you through the challenges that will come (and they will come!), and listening with you to God's voice for your ministry. You don't have to go it alone! So, whether you are starting a new church or working to bring new vitality/vision to an existing one, a coaching relationship is one of the best investments you can make…

Welcome to Griffith Coaching, where: YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

We offer no “boiler plate” solutions. Coaching is personal and customized. If we cannot serve you, we will point you to someone who can.